for The SMB

Advance Capture


ArcDrive integrates paper & digital workflows directly from a multifunctional device. 

Intelligent Workflow


ArcDrive incorporates automatic barcode & QR recognition and document zone analysis.

Managed Print Services


Embed your current or use our native, proven, Independent, ArcDrive data collection agent.

Protect the Base


Most dealers provide managed print services.  

Some offer a scan/document management program.

Additional Income Streams


Grow your base and expand net-new business in the market.  Capture multiple revenue streams under one invoice.

Only ArcDrive combines multiple disciplines into one, easy to use, affordable platform.

Monthly Recurring Revenue


Copier service agreements are not what they once were - 'Clicks' are fading.

Managed print Services, and workflow offer  contracted engagements.

Defend what's important


Industry Consolidation

Large OEMs, office supply vendors and mega-dealers are coagulating inside our niche.  Outside money is supporting this expansive consolidation.  If you're an independent, the competitive landscape is ominous.

ArcDrive is designed to help you secure more accounts and maintain your independence.

The New Way of Buying

The internet sells toner cartridges.  The copier dealer across town is selling 'no click' billing. Huge office supplies stores are targeting your SMB client base and your clients are finding new ways to purchase from competitors. 

Protect What You Have and Expand

Approach SMB opportunities with an ArcDrive  converged MpS, advanced capture, and workflow solution.  Once installed, establish dominance in your accounts with a wider, relevant and proven solution set. 

The ArcDrive solution is replacement resistant. 

additional income streams


Up Front Payment & Rental Income

We've created the "one page" ArcDrive rental agreement.  The dealer is paid on delivery and if participating, receives monthly residuals.

Margin is Margin

Increase margin in your deals by embedding ArcDrive.

Widen Contractual Engagements & Attract New Accounts/Equity

Incremental services give every deal more 'staying power' - ArcDrive multi-dimensional, MpS engagements are less likely to be replaced : supplies, service, device management, advance capture, archive, workflow each add irreplaceable depth to your relationships.

Monthly recurring revenue


Copier Service Contracts are Contracting

Seat Based, and No Meter Read billing schemes may temporarily stem the effects of the downward spiral. The reality is prints and copies are dwindling -  devices and programs tied to output alone will fail.

Open More Opportunities

Digital transformation is available to businesses of all sizes and verticals. Today's solutions do not require the budget or expertise of the late 90's and early 2000's.


ArcDrive allows you to offer multiple monthly services via the ArcDrive - Cloud, Sharepoint or Hybrid-Cloud.  Secure your place as a business asset for your clients with converged services.