the Arcdrive story

Long Ago...

For decades, I've been evangelizing technology convergence.  The frustration over unrealized potential in managed print services is palatable - MpS was the ramp into Document Management, managed IT services, and for me, entre into adjacent industries like energy, ITIL, and managing the connected.  

Unfortunately, few made the entire journey.

Today, the convergence of technology, access and affordability, unleash business power for all businesses -the SMB can take advantage of enterprise-level solutions at an approachable cost.

ArcDrive is a vehicle to support today's remote management, advance capture and managed print services needs yet is scalable to match tomorrow's business requirements..

Indeed, ArcDrive taps into our innovative tendencies - we were one of the first industries to embrace machine-to-machine communications (M2M,) which led to the Internet of Things (IoT).  

We are comfortable with connected devices.

I've scoured the globe searching for and collecting a precise portfolio of converged solutions with three paramount ideals:

  • The solution MUST be simple to use
  • The solution MUST be affordable and offer enhanced margin
  • The system MUST scale up to the Internet of Things 

Simply put, I've designed ArcDrive to help dealers defend MIF, expand wider into accounts and attract new clients and equity.  

ArcDrive is an appliance with embedded advance capture, workflow and managed print services tools. (Utilize your existing DCA or the powerful, pre-installed ArcDrive DCA and automatic toner fulfillment.) The appliance offers secure connectivity, direct management of devices, and hybrid-storage.  

I've arranged one-page rental agreements to include service, software and installation costs.  Payment up front to the dealer with residuals over the life of the contract.  


Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Today, ArcDrive supports managed print services and advance capture and digital workflow. 

Tomorrow, I'll embed a Remote Manage and Monitor(RMM) application, or simply download from the ArcDrive app store.  

The day after,  when you're managing, CCTV, HVAC, parking lot infrastructure, keycard entry, truck fleets and RFID, ArcDrive - Prime will be there ready to assist you and your customers move confidently into the Internet of Everything.